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A textless icon challenge

Lost Hush
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Welcome to Lost Hush, an icon challenge community inspired by lotr_hush and hush_challenge. Two challenges, featuring the ABC show LOST, are posted every week by the maintainer inside or the co-mod likegunfire.

All entries must follow these guidelines:

01. Icons must be still (non-animated) and textless. The screencaps posted may be cropped, colourized, and have textures, gradients, and brushes etc. added to them. Tiny, unreadable text is not allowed, even if it's part of a texture or applied with a brush.

02. All icons must fit the LJ user picture requirements. They are to be no larger than 40k and 100x100px.

03. Two different images may not be blended together. Parts of the same image may be reproduced within an icon.

04. To keep the contest as anonymous as possible, please do not post your icon in other communities before the winners are announced. You may not enter an icon you made previously; make a new icon for the challenge.

05. One LJ-user can submit up to four icons each week (no more than two icons in each challenge).

The timeline for each challenge will look something like this:

Sunday/Monday - New challenge posted.
Sunday/Monday to Friday - Entries may be submitted.
Friday - Voting is posted.
Sunday - Awards are posted.

Awards will be posted for First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and Mod's Choice. All awards except for Mod's Choice are decided by the votes cast.


Maintainer - inside
Co-moderator - likegunfire
Banner makers - julia_thorne13, _lostaway, inside

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Leave a comment in the most recent entry (posted by the maintainer) if you'd like to affiliate with lost_hush.

You can use one of these banners if you'd like to link us. Please upload to you own server.