billy crudup (likegunfire) wrote in lost_hush,
billy crudup

Enter 37

Challenge 37

You may enter up to THREE icons of the characters Jin and/or Sun! You may make icons of just Jin, just Sun, or icons with Sun and Jin. Other people may be in the icon, as long as Jin and/or Sun are the main objects. You may blend images together. Look at cap_it or for caps.

Please comment here with your entries in img src form and include a link to each one. Please specify which challenge you're entering your icons in! Also, if you don't want a banner mention it in your comment, otherwise one will be made for you if you win. All comments are screened and will be unscreened after the challenge is over. If you have a question, leave it in a comment separate from your entries so it can be unscreened and answered.

You have up to June 24th to enter! We are going to a bi-weekly plan until Lost comes back! If you have any suggestions for some fun challenges, feel free to leave a comment, as well!
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