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Ch. 32 and 33

Challenge 32: Born to Run

Make up to two textless icons featuring one of the following screencaps (don't blend two screencaps together and use a different one for each icon that you enter). Thanks to Lost Media for the caps.

Click the thumbnail for the full-sized version.

All of the rules apply.

Challenge 33: The Men of Lost (Open Challenge)

Make up to two textless icons featuring one of the main male characters on Lost (Jack, Sawyer, Charlie, Hurley, Sayid, Michael, Walt, Jin, Locke, or Boone). You may use screencaps of the episodes or promotional pictures for you icon. Picture of the actors out of costume are not allowed. Try Lost Media or the memories over at cap_it if you need pictures. Two or more images may be blended together. The two icons must be different from each other (ie. don't submit two variations of the same icon). All of the other rules still apply.


Please comment here with your entries in img src form and include a link to each one. Please specify which challenge you're entering your icons in! Also, if you don't want a banner mention it in your comment, otherwise one will be made for you if you win. All comments are screened and will be unscreened after the challenge is over. If you have a question, leave it in a comment separate from your entries so it can be unscreened and answered.

The deadline for entries is Friday, May 20th Saturday, May 21st at Midnight, Mountain Time. Voting will be posted shortly after.

Thanks and good luck! :D
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